Concepts of Tuna: people oriented, virtues first, to create a beautiful living environment.

   Virtue is the soul of man, and the nature of Tao. 

   Creator, origination, innovation and creation.

   Heaven and earth run in "Tao" ,which are showed and created by virtue.

   To benefit the people and establish morality in the world is nothing but the cause of environmental protection, which is a great cause for the benefit of future generations. TUNA takes the return of the beauty of nature as its own responsibility and makes every company’s effort to carry out the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing" put forward by the Chinese government, adhere to the "people-oriented, virtue first", pursue the enterprise culture of "virtuous" "innovation", establish a unified vision and mission of "building a beautiful, green and harmonious human settlement environment", create the future direction of energy conservation and emission reduction with industry leaders.

   Use virtue to create the world, depend on the spirit to create spring and autumn! TUNA devotes itself to the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, grows with every employee, helps every customer enter the road of sustainable development, and creates a better living space! 

The quanlity objectives of Tuna:

Implementation of ISO9000 quality system and continuously improving our products. Further stabilize and improve the quality of the product. Saling the high quality products and satisfying customers' requirements. The percentage of pass at the first testment can reach at 98%, ex factory pass rate can reach at 100% Becoming a well-known brand in the industry. Adapting to the changing, continuously innovation, sustainable operation and be useful to the society.


Management aim of Tuna:

Based on honesty and looking for a win-win cooperation Honesty first; mutual benefit and win-win cooperation is the principle of doing things.

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