Summery Of 2016 And Praise Meeting  

                  2016 Annual Gala    

5th Tug Of War 

 2015 Annual Business Analysis Conference And Marketing Performance Summary       

Outward Bound for New Employees


2015 Power-Gen International Electrical Exhibition In Las Vegas

2th New Technology For "Ultra Emission" For Coal-Fired Power Plant Conference   

 Internation Energy-Saving And Emission-Reduction For Coal-Fired Power Plant Technology Exchanging

Paojiang Industry Zone Public Blind Date Meeting

  27th Pollutec Water-Treatment ExhibitiOn In Paris

Excellent Employee Travelling In Hunan 

   5th Paojiang Industry Zone Employees Sports Meet 

7S Kick-Off Meeting

   Employees Voluntarily Donated Blood

15th International Environmental Conference

   TUNA Evening Paper Little Journalists Eew Term Begins

2015 Annual Employee Badminton Competition     

   2015 Annual Kick-Off Meeting For “Safety Month”

2014 Management Concept Seminar of Zhejiang Tuna Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd

   2013 Advance Awards Ceremony And 5S         Mid-term Conference

2014 Annual Meeting

POLLUTEC (Paris) 2013

2013 Basketball Match

   The Fourth Employees Sports Meet

5S Starting Meeting


5S Training

The Third Tuna Tug-of-war

Yunnan Tourism

The Fourteenth International Desulfurization, Denitration and Dedusting Exhibition

2013 Management Cadre Training Class

Fire Drills

Shaoxing Environmental Protection Volunteers Association Inauguration Ceremony

2012 (Vietnam) International Power Industry Exhibition

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